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Financial training over Zoom sounds like one of the worst things ever

So how and why do we get such amazing participant feedback?

Basically, we’ve made a competitive game out of learning what is traditionally a really boring (but vitally important) topic: business finance. 

We are all competitive at heart and when we are immersed in an engaging experience we have the capacity to absorb information that ordinarily would go in one ear and out the other.

Who is this for?

Visible Value is for anyone who understands the reality that financial literacy and commercial acumen underpin business performance. It is used by school students right up to C-level leaders. We often see graduate teams beating senior managers!

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How does it work?

Each game sees between 12 and 24 participants working in smaller teams competing against each other to build the most profitable business - led at all times by expert facilitators with extensive financial knowledge and business experience. 


Each team has access to their own digital game-board which represents all the parts of a manufacturing business which makes and sells products to virtual customers. 


In each game round (treated as “months”), teams must decide which products to make and which customer orders to bid for. 


The team who can service each customer order at the lowest price will win that bid from their competitors  - but sales do not always lead to profit! 


Although the winning team overall will be the one who makes the most profit throughout the game, each month carries its own unique KPI to incentivize application of different learning exercises.

What are the key outcomes?

  • Financial literacy: interpreting financial concepts and statements for value creation 

  • Commercial acumen: how to strategize to win in a competitive market 

  • Aligning teams: how shared understanding and collaboration leads to better decision making

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Course options

A fast paced, highly engaging experience for anyone needing the basics

Pricing for Profit

  • How to price for profit

  • Understanding your customers

  • Winning in a competitive market


Everyone! No business experience is necessary but also ideal for sales teams


4 hours


£265 per person

The next level experience for high potentials who want to increase their impact 

Visible Value Pro

  • “Pricing for Profit” plus:

  • Working with financial statements

  • Strategic planning and decision making

  • Understanding budgets and cashflow


Managers, functional teams, graduates, business/economics students 


8 hours (typically over 2 days)


£529 per person

The ultimate business finance learning experience for managers

Visible Value Guru

  • “Pro” course plus:

  • Managing capital and borrowing

  • Analysing costs and margins

  • Managing shareholders

  • Creating value


Managers, senior leaders, high potentials, business/economics students 


16 hours (typically over 4 days)


£1,058 per person